Lokithor J1000 1000A Lithium Jumpstarter 12V (26Wh)



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Product Datasheet

1. LiFePO4 safety battery saves 80% space compared to lead-acid batteries, with a service life that is 2 times longer than traditional igniters and up to 2000 cycles without decreasing performance.
2. The battery cell and intelligent BMS battery system of this 1 000 amp LiFePO4 supersafe lithium jump starter provide dual safety measures, while the large screen displays voltage output, working status, and step-by-step instructions. With 9 types of protection, including spark-proof, mistake-proof, and reverse-polarity protection, you can confidently use the jump starter power bank without worrying about malfunctions such as short circuits or sparks.
3. J1000 LiFePO4 jump starter provides 1000Amp up to 60 times jump starts after a full charge. Suitable for 12V vehicles up to 6L gasoline engines or 3L diesel engines, including cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, Vans, tractors, and more.
4. 60W two-way fast charging: Fully charged in just 25 minutes, and a 3-minute charge can jump-start your device. 60W power output effortlessly charges smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, and more. J1000 LiFePO4 power station jump starter provides up to 24 months of continuous power on a single full charge.
5. Rugged build enclosure rated IP65 water-resistant and 94V0 flame retardant, making J1000 LiFePO4 jump starter advance auto resistant to rain, dust, and drops.