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Direct Vision Standard side scan extended package

Set includeds
1* Heavy Duty DIN Monitor 7.0" 800x480 (TFT-HD70DIN)
1* Din housing bracket
1* Monitor bracket
1* Front/Side HD camera; 1280*960 (CAM-HD-Q6HD)
1* Truck Side scan parking sensor kit (PDC-SCAN-15S)
1* Parking sensor display with integrated speaker
1* Parking sensor ON/OFF button with led indicator
1* Isulating kit (2x) for sensors to be installed on metal bumper (PDC-FLAT-MT2)
1* Metal mounting holder for 18mm sensors (PDC-FLAT-MH)
1* Speaking alarm_12-24V_IP67 (PDC-SP-15C)
1* Round ON/OFF speaking alarm switch  with blue led indicator
1* Sticker - Side Turn warning Cut-out 11.30pm - 7am only
1* Blind Spot sticker horizontal
1* Blind Spot sticker vertical
1* 3 years Navinc Parts Warranty

The system starts detecting the cyclists, pedestrians or obstacles near the vehicle, when the handbrake is released and the vehicle speed is lower than 15 Km/h.
Side scan display
Via the side scan display with the integrated buzzer you can see and hear the obstical which enters the scan zone.
Side scan zone
The LED display, installed inside the cabin, shows obstacles inside the detection zone and their approximate distance from the vehicle . It gives also acoustical warning. If any obstacle is detected the Green LEDs show external detection (F2), Orange LEDs intermediate detection (F1) and Red Leds “Stop zone” (FC). In this zone the display gives a continuous warning tone.
Through the external button, it’s possible to switch OFF the system in case of emergency. The deactivation of the system will be confirmed when the central blue STATUS LED switches off.
Speaking alarm
When the speed is less than 15Km/h and the passenger’s side indicator is turned ON, the  voice siren will start speaking. The siren is switched OFF as soon as the speed exceed 15Km/h or the indicator is turned OFF.
Through the external button, it’s possible to switch OFF the Side turn warning (between 11:30pm - 7am only)  The deactivation of the system will be confirmed when the central blue STATUS LED switches off.
Blind spot camera
The camera is active as long as the speed of the vehicle is less than 15Km/h and it turns OFF again as soon as the speed exceed 15Km/h. It is also possible to see the camera manualy or via activated side indicator
Waring sign
The vehicle will be fitted with the included warning sigs to warn people walking and cycling of the vehicle's intended manoeuvre.
Also the driver will be warned of the possibility to switch OFF the side turn warning only between 11:30 - 7am. 
The Direct Vision Standard


In 2016 the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for HGVs. It was created to improve the safety of all road users.

From 26th October 2020 all HGVs over 12 tonnes entering and operating in Greater London will need to hold a safety permit if their vehicle falls short of the Direct Vision Standard star ratings. To obtain these ratings operators must contact their manufacturers as no central list has yet been created. Each vehicle type / model per manufacturer will have a star system. The DVS rates HGVs from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest), based on how much a HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows.

The Safety Permit system which will be issued by Transport for London (TFL) is now being referred to in the guidance document as ‘the safe system’. It consists of; class v and class VI mirrors, a side view camera system and a sensor system with audible alert fitted to the front and nearside of the vehicle.

By the 1st March 2021, all vehicles over 12 tonne GWT that enter London will need to be DVS Compliant. Although TFL have confirmed that this deadline will not be extended, there will be a 90 day grace period.

Operators must still submit their permit applications by 1st March 2021, which will then be add them to an “allow list”, preventing them from receiving fines. The operators will then have 90 days to complete the fitting.

Fleet operators that are not compliant within their 90 day completion period risk a £550 fine per day.

To benefit from the 90 day grace period, please submit evidence from the fitter/garage on branded documentation with details of your appointment and Vehicle Registration Number, before 1 March, to

- We recommend that the installation will be performed by a qualified specialist
- Check also the other tabs for "Compatibility" - "Package contents" - "Product specifications" 

Please check before purchase if it is aloud to install this camera and it wont affect your MOT.