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Multimedia Video Interface Opel 16:9 navigation V1 (Full screen)
Artikel nr.: [IF-OPEL-V1]
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Multimedia Video Interface Opel 16:9 navigation V1 (Full screen)


The NavInc interfaces allow for connecting video sources to the original navigation system of Opel.
The interface ensures that an input is created on the original navigation system, on which various external video sources can be connected (e.g. DVD player, DVB-T TV, iPod, reversing camera, external navigation systems, etc.). The images will be displayed on the navigation screen. The audio of the video sources must be submitted via an AUX input or FM modulator.
If multiple audio / video sources are connected to the audio input you can switch to audio via the "Audio Select" option.
It is possible to switch between the different video sources via the included button and/or remote control.
The interface is equipped with external connections:
- Camera input; for the connection or reversing camera with automatic activation
- Video output; for the sending the video images to head rest monitors or roof monitor.
Besides the interface creates an audio select +12V signal on every video input. This means:
If Video input (V1) is selected, then on the audio select cable of V1 will be a +12V signal. The audio select cable of V1 needs to be connected with the DVD player or DVB-T tuner. This in order to switch on the devices when Video input 1 (V1) is selected. As Video input 2 (V2) is selected, the source on V1 will be switched off and the source on V2 will be switched on. This enables also to switch the audio.
- 2x Video input (connect video sources, TV / DVD / iPod)
- Camera input (connecting reversing camera)
- NTSC support
- Image retention while driving
- Full screen display
- CE-approved
The following is provided in the set:
- NavInc AV-Interface IF-OPEL-V1
- Cable set
- Installation- and user manual
- Warranty
- Invoice
Additional information:
- Check at the tab “compatibility” on top of this page if your radio or navigation system is suitable for this product.
- The connected video sources must support NTSC video signals.
- Audio of the connected video source must be linked to the AUX input of car, FM modulator, USB or iPod interface.
Product specifications
Voltage: 12V DC
Voltage-operating capacity: 8 – 18V DC
Standby current: 0 mA
Operating current: 5 Watt max.
Power input: 12V
Temperature range: - 30°C up to + 80°C
Weight: 250grs
Dimensions(W x H x D): 130 x 20 x 102mm
Legal information:
The driver ofthe vehicle should not be inferred from the motion images. In many countries, watching movies while driving is prohibited. Therefore we accept no responsibility for material or personal injuries, directly or indirectly, due to installation of the interface modules.
Interface and Software basic information:
 The NavInc interfaces are no navigation systems or screens to replace the navigation system. The NavInc interfaces enable the possibilities to connect different Audio/Video sources to the navigation system.
Manufacturers create adjusted software and hardware versions, options and enhancements which ensures that the compatibility of the products cannot be guaranteed 100%. Compatibility lists are based on customer feedback and experiences and will constantly be updated for optimal customer support.



Compatible for the following models of Opel:
Signum  2003-201> 
Vectra  2003-2010 
- Only in combination with following OEM navigation systems: CD30 , CD50 Phono, CDC40 Opera, CD70, DVD90,DVD100 (ONLY 16:9 screens).
- Not suitable for 4:3 screens. In case of 4:3 screens use “IF-OPEL-V2”
- Automatic switching to camera on all levels.
- The connected video sources must support NTSC video signals
- Audio of the connected video source must be linked to the AUX input of car, FM modulator, USB or iPod interface.
- Installation of the interface is inside the monitor at the flat cable.
Image of suitable screen:
Image of suitable navigation systems:


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