Rear camera interface Ford MFD low 4" color screen 2012-2016



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The Ford RC-FOR-MFD kit is a plug & play solution for adding an aftermarket rear camera or front camera into Ford vehicles equipped with the OEM 4” media screen. 
No dealership programming is required and all connections are made behind the factory screen.
Additionally, both rear cameras can be forced to display on screen at any time, in any gear. 
If you want to install aftermarket Rear & Front camera option you need an extra switch: RC-UNI-V
# Easy Plug n' Play install
# Rear camera input
# NTSC support
# Trigger wire to force rear camera
# Front camera input (optional)
-Verify OEM 4" screen compatibility via model number AND termination resistance before ordering! (see image 2)
-See TAB compatibility for more information

Interface is compatible with the following models:
C-max 2013-2014 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
2011-2017 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Escape 2013-2015 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Explorer 2011-2016 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
F-150 2013-2017 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
F-serie SuperDuty 2013-2016 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Fiesta 2013-2015 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Flex 2013-2016 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Focus 2012-2016 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Fusion 2013-2016 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Taurus 2013-2016 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Transit Connect 2015-2015 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
Transit    2014-2015 Ford SYNC 1 (4")
*Check your 4" MyFord system screen part number on the compatible list at our website
*If your part number is not listed, camera compatibility can be verified by testing resistance 
-2011-Current Ford & Lincoln vehicles w/ the 4" MyFord system and screen part number on the compatible list below. This REQUIRES you to remove your existing screen to see the part number on the back BEFORE you purchase.
-If your part number is not listed below, camera compatibility can be verified by testing resistance between pins 6 and 12 on the back of the display. If resistance reads ~75 Ω, display is camera compatible.


Screen part number which is working    
CK4T-18B955-CF DA6T-18B955-BB DS7T-18B955-CE
BB5T-19C116-CK CM5T-18B955-AB DA8T-18B955-CD DS7T-18B955-CF
BT4T-19C116-CN CM5T-18B955-AD DA8T-18B955-CF DT4T-19C116-CA
BT4T-19C116-CP CM5T-18B955-CE DB5T-19C116-CA DT4T-19C116-CB
CB5T-19C116-CC CM5T-18B955-CF DB5T-19C116-CBT DT4T-19C116-CC
CB5T-19C116-CD CM5T-18B955-GB DB5T-19C116-GA DT4T-19C116-CD
CB5T-19C116-GC CM5T-18B955-GD DB5T-19C116-GB DT4T-19C116-GB
CB5T-19C116-GD CM5T-18B955-GE DG1T-18B955-CD DT4T-19C116-GD
CE8T-18B955-AA CM5T-18B955-GF DL3T-18B955-CC EA8T-18B955-CB
CE8T-18B955-AD CM5T-18B99-AD DL3T-18B955-CD EB5T-18B955-GA
CJ5T-18B955-GC CM5T-18B99-GG DL3T-18B955-CF EB5T-18B955-GC
CJ5T-18B955-GE D2BT-18B955-BE DL3T-18B955-CG EB5T-19C116-CA
CJ5T-18B955-GF D2BT-18B955-BG DM5T-18B955-CD EB5T-19C116-CD
EG1T-18B955-CA EJ5T-18B955-GB EM5T-18B955-CB EM5T-18B955-JB
EG1T-18B955-CD EL3T-18B955-CE EM5T-18B955-CC ES7T-18B955-CA
EJ5T-18B955-CC EM5T-18B955-CA EM5T-18B955-CF ES7T-18B955-CB
ET4T-18B955-CC FB5T-19C116-CA FR3T-18B955-CG GL3T-18B955-CD
ET4T-19C116-CD FB5T-19C116-GA GK4T-18B955-CA  
ET4T-19C116-GG FG1T-18B955-CA GK4T-18B955-CB