Skoda iPod interface 12-pins wisselaar aansluiting



Product Specificatieblad

With the NavInc iPod interface it is possible to connect an iPod with an original radio/navigation system of Skoda. The battery of the iPod will be charged when connected and it is possible to control the iPod via the iPod/iPhone screen or via the original radio/ navigation system and/or the steering wheel controls.
The NavInc iPod interface is also equipped with an AUX input. This enables the possibility to connect several audio sources (MP3 player, PDA, notebook) via an 3.5mm jack connection (walkman connector).
The interface also offers the possibility to operate the tracks from Spotify via iPod/iPhone/iPad itself or via the original radio-navigation system and/or steering wheel control.
- Connect the iPod directly to an original radio/navigation system in CD quality
- Integrated charge function for iPod
- Automatic Stop-Play function for switch over from iPod to radio
- Control of iPod / iPhone via steering wheel controls (if available)
- Control of iPod / iPhone via original radio/navigation buttons
- Control of iPod / iPhone via the iPod/iPhone screen itself
- Extra audio input via 3.5mm jack (for MP3 player or laptop)
- Plug & Play cable kit
- Retaining original CD changer.
- Playlist mode for selection of iTunes directories
- Expandable with Bluetooth module for audio streaming and carkit function
- CE & FCC certified

Input for connection of iPhone/iPod complete with dock cable and charge function. Controls of the iPhone/iPod via the original buttons of the radio or steering wheel controls and via the iPod/iPhone screen itself.

Control options iPod:
- Next and previous song
- Volume +/-
- Playlist selection
- Repeat function
- Shuffle function
- (re)wind function


With this interface it is possible to music that is played through Spotify on the iPhone, iPod & iPad, via the original buttons of the radio, steering wheel control (if present) and via the display of the iPhone, iPod & iPad to operate. A complete music collection in your car of more than 13 million songs. Spotify can be downloaded via iTunes. 

Control Options Spotify;
-Next and previous song
-Volume +/-

AUX input:

External AUX input via 3.5mm jack connection for the connection of external audio sources, such as: notebook, MP3 player, DVD player, etcetera.
BT (optioneel):

Input for car kit Bluetooth module (optional). This bluetooth interface makes it possible to the iPod interface or USB/SD interface to expand with Bluetooth audio streaming and/or Bluetooth car kit function.

This makes it possible to get a phone with A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and HSP (Headset Profile) to pair with the radio system for audio streaming and car kit via Bluetooth feature on library level.

In addition, it is possible the Bluetooth interface to operate via the original radio keys and using the Bluetooth module itself. Power supply for the Bluetooth interface is delivered via the mini USB connector on the iPod interface or USB/SD interface. For more information, see:

The following is provided in the set:
- NavInc iPod interface
- Auto specific cable set
- iPod connector
- Installation- and user manual
- Warranty
- Invoice
- The NavInc interface can be expanded with a Bluetooth interface for audio streaming or carkit function (+controls)
- iPod extension cable 1.8 meter (when the changer connection is located in the trunk or iPod connection must be mounted in the arm rest)
- iPod audio filter (only when there is a whistling noise)
- 3.5mm jack extension cable of 1.5 meter. For the extension of the AUX connection
Additional information:
- Check before you order the interface for the compatibility of your radio- or navigation system with this product.
- The connection of an iPod and AUX source (via AUX-input) at the same time is not possible. When you want to use the AUX input the iPod needs to be disconnected.
- ID3 tag (text) support is not possible
- iPod interface is CE & FCC certified

Product specifications:
- Interface iPod / AUX-in / Mini-USB
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 64mm x 22mm x 95mm
- Connection cable between the interface and radio- navigation system: 1.0 meter
- Connection with dock connector an iPod connection: 1.0 meter


iPod / iPhone
The interface is suitable for the following iPhone and iPod generations.
- iPod Mini 1st & 2nd generation
- iPod Photo (20GB / 30GB / 60GB)
- iPod Video
- iPod 2.Generation
- iPod 3.Generation
- iPod 4.Generation
- iPod Nano 1st generation (1GB / 2GB / 4GB)
- iPod Nano 2nd generation (2GB / 4GB / 8GB)
- iPod Nano 3rd generation (4GB / 8GB)
- iPod Nano 4th generation (8GB /16GB)
- iPod Nano 5th generation (8GB / 16GB)
- iPod Nano 7th generation*
- iPod Classic alle modellen (80GB / 120GB)
- iPod Classic 120GB / 160GB
- iPod Touch 1st generation
- iPod Touch 2nd generation (8GB / 16GB / 32GB)
- iPod Touch 3rd generation (32GB / 64GB)
- iPod Touch 5th generation*
- iPod Shuffle (via aux input 3.5mm jack)
- iPhone
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4 (vanaf iOS 4.1)
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 5C / 5 / 5S*
- iPhone 6 / 6+*
- iPad 1/ 2/ 3*
- iPad Air*
- iPad 3 Retina*
- iPad 1 / 2 / 3 / 4*
- iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina*
(* Models marked with * have a gradient adapter required to the 30-pin dock connector of Apple Lightning (optional))

Car models:
The interface is suitable for the following models of Skoda*
Fabia 2004-2007
Octavia 2004->
Roomster 2006->
Superb 2004->
Superb Combi 2010->
Yeti 2009->
Other models with 12-pins radio- and navigation systems.
* Only in combination with one of the radio- and navigation systems listed below.

Compatible with the following OEM radio- navigation systems*:
*Radio- navigation systems with 12-pins changer connection
*Stream / Nexus / Cruise / RCD300 / RNS / MFD2 / DX 4:3 / Rhapsody / Audience / BEAT / Dance / Melody / RNS2 / RNS300 / Symphony

Tested on the listed systems/types*:
Testing: Radio Swing & Radio blues
- Only for radio- and navigation systems with pre-installed 12 pins changer connection.
- From other radio- and navigation models we have no test results (yet).
- When the type number of the radio is in the list of compatibility, you also need to check this with your system.
- When there are doubts about the compatibility please contact NavInc for more information.
- Interface does not support MUTE function for the original car kit on iPod level.
- Retaining original CD changer.
Image of 12 pins changer radio connection:
Image of 12 pins interface changer connection:
Image of suitable radio- and navigation systems:

Not applicable for the following models / radio- navigation systems:
Radio systems with 8-pins changer connection
Columbus radio- navigation systems
RNS510 Navigation
RCD510 Radio systems
MFD3 Navigation
RCD300/RCD310 van Blaupunkt (zonder wisselaar voorbereiding)
Radio's zonder wisselaarvoorbereiding


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