Video in Motion module Mercedes Comand NTG5 navigaton systems (OBD)



Product Specificatieblad

With the touch screen navigation system in combination with OEM TV-tuner or DVD player it is not possible to watch TV or DVD on the navigation screen while driving. The Video in Motion Interface enabling built in DVD and TV picture to be viewed whilst on the move. This is ideal for passengers inside the car who wants to watch DVD or TV in motion.

# Plug and play
# Easy connection

Delivery Package:
- TV free module
- Instructions with pictures
- Invoice
- One year warranty
- One year software warranty

Extra information
*Watching DVD or TV and navigate at the same time is possible.

Legal information:
This interface should be used to display fixed menus during your journey, for example the MP3 menu for DVD upgrades. The driver of the vehicle must never be distracted by moving pictures. In most countries/states, watching movies whilst driving is prohibited. Therefore, we do not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury resulting, directly or indirectly, from the installation or the operation of this TV-free interface.

Tv vrijschakeling / TV free / TV vrijschakelen

Interface and software basic information:
New cars can be based on new hardware and software versions not compatible with previous ones. The period required by programmers to study these new solution is about 2/3 months. It’s impossible to be sure about interfaces compatibility on cars released earlier than 3/4 months.

Car manufacturers release new software versions without advise which could compromise the compatibility with third party electronic devices. We try to optimize all the information as soon as possible.

We suggest to not update the car software if not strictly required.

The same problems could be experienced on special version cars and on vehicles developed for different markets like American market or European market.

In many cases, updating the interface software is the same as replacing the interface itself. This means that the car must be disassembled as at the first installation.

Multimedia and CAN-BUS interfaces are very sophisticated devices which have to be installed in advanced and complex electronic car environments. The installation must be performed by highly experienced personnel. Also is it possible that the car won’t except the interface for some reasons. In this case we have to look for alternatives.


Geschikt voor de volgende modellen van Mercedes:
C-class (W205) 2014-201>
S-class W222) 2013-201>
GLC-class 2016-201>
V-class 2015-201>
Extra informatie:
- Alleen voor modellen met NTG5 navigatiesysteem.
- Controleer voordat de interface wordt besteld bij tabblad ''Compatibiliteit'' of uw radio- of navigatie geschikt is voor dit product.
- Navigeren en TV/DVD kijken tijdens het rijden is mogelijk. Interface hoeft niet uitgeschakeld te worden.
- Installatie bevind zich achter de navigatie unit.
Afbeelding van NTG5 systeem (W222)
Niet geschikt voor volgende modellen/systemen:
- Comand 2.0 CD
- Comand 2.5 CD
- NTG2.5  DVD + SD-slot
- NTG3 DVD Dual Screen
- NTG4.5 DVD